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Extended Project Qualification (Level 3)


The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) gives students the opportunity to produce an in-depth project on a subject of their choosing, and is designed to develop independent learning skills. The Extended Project assesses a student’s ability to plan, carry out, report on and evaluate a project. It is a student-led enquiry based mode of learning, designed to stretch and challenge.

Students can either choose to produce a full written research report of approximately 5000 words or an artefact and shorter supporting written report (minimum 1000 words).


As a large component of the course is developing research skills, most of the teaching is delivered in a classroom with IT facilities and internet access. Students also have access during these times to the school’s library facilities to make full use of all available resources.


The EPQ is an A Level AS qualification, providing valuable UCAS points for University entry.

The AQA Specification (Level 3) is followed and students are required to:

  • Choose a topic to study
  • Complete a Production Log to document the project process
  • Plan, research and carry out their project
  • Prepare and deliver a ‘live’ presentation on the outcome to a specified audience

The EPQ offers opportunities for students to:

  • Have a significant input into the choice and design of their project
  • Develop and improve their own learning and performance as critical, reflective and independent learners
  • Develop and apply decision-making and, where appropriate, problem-solving skills
  • Develop and extend their planning, research, critical thinking, analysis, synthesis, evaluation and presentation skills
  • Develop and apply skills creatively, demonstrating initiative and enterprise
  • Use their learning experiences to support their personal aspirations for higher education and career development


The EPQ offers students a unique opportunity to develop essential skills for higher education and the work-place, in a subject area of their own choice. It will provide challenge to stretch each student’s abilities.

Year 9:

  • The EPQ is offered as an after school class to a limited number of chosen Gifted and Talented pupils who have been selected for their potential to achieve high levels of academic achievement.
  • It will require commitment to attend weekly after school lessons, and an impeccable work ethic to keep up with the demands of the course.

Year 12:

  • Students are time-tabled for 2 lessons per week.


Staffing is structured in the following way:

Year 9:

  • Project Coordinator – Mrs Moore
  • Project Supervisors – Mrs Moore & Mr Claxton
  • Gifted and Talented Mentor – Mr Claxton

Lessons are taught jointly by Mrs Moore & Mr Claxton.

Year 12:

  • Project Coordinator – Mrs Moore
  • Project Supervisors – Mrs Moore & Mrs Jaques

The ‘taught’ element of the course is delivered in weekly time-tabled lessons but, depending on their choice of topic, some students may require advice and support from a subject teacher who is a specialist in their chosen area.