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Psychology is a Social Science. It uses the methodologies of Science to investigate human behaviour, and help us to develop descriptions and explanations of what we do and why. As a relatively new discipline this means there is a lot of debate and controversy. Psychology is exciting and challenging, and will cause you to reflect on your preconceptions about human nature.


The Psychology Department is located in the Psychology Mobile adjacent to Norbury House. We have a well-stocked collection of psychology textbooks and audio-visual aids.

Theory lessons and practical demonstrations are taught in the mobile, and research exercises take place in an ICT suite.


Psychology is studied as a Sixth Form option only at QEGS.

When numbers permit two parallel pools will be offered.

The topics studied at AS level are: memory, attachment, stress, abnormality, social influence and research methods. In A2 the topics are: biological rhythms, intelligence, cognitive development, psychopathology, anomalistic psychology and scientific method and statistics. There is no coursework. Assessment is by two written external examinations in each year


Students who study biology, health and social care or sociology will find some overlap with psychology, which can be beneficial.

To succeed at the subject, students need, and will develop further, the skills of clear expression, analysis and synthesis of ideas, and evaluation. There is some statistical content and regular assessment through essay writing, so good GCSE passes (at least grade B) in English, maths and at least one science are required.

Most students of psychology will not go on to be psychologists. However, the subject is of direct benefit for many careers in health, social care, and personnel. There are many transferable skills that can be acquired and developed by studying the course, and which employers value. For students wishing to carry the subject on to University level, it is increasingly recommended that a science such as biology also be studied at A level.


Miss Kemp teaches Psychology.