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The Academy Trust has a structure for up to 15 governors who are directors of the academy and trustees of the charity. These are made up of up to 4 governors appointed by members, up to 4 parent governors who are elected, up to 3 co-opted governors, 2 staff governors and the headteacher who is also a member. Governors serve a term of office for 4 years when they can be either re-appointed or re-elected. There are currently 5 members: Mr S Fry, Mr J Goolden, Mrs K Hamilton, Mr M Kheng and Miss A Francis (ex-officio). Members of the Academy Trust have a life-long membership unless they are ex-officio.

The governors meet once per term at 7.00 pm in the Business Studies/Maths room (6 meetings in total). At the September meeting a chairperson and vice-chairperson for the forthcoming year are elected. In addition a Finance Committee meets 6 times per year with delegated power from the governors to exercising the powers and duties of the Governing Body in respect of the financial administration of the Academy.

The governors may have to establish an Admissions Committee to determine the criteria for admitting pupils to the school, a Discipline Committee to decide on pupil exclusions and a Staff Disciplinary Committee to consider any staff disciplinary matters and hear grievances. All of these also require appeals panels of different governors to adjudicate where appeals are made against the decisions of the initial committees. At least one governor usually sits on any appointments panel.

In a Selective Academy the governors are corporately the academy's employers. They are accountable to the government for the good management of the school and have important responsibilities to oversee the school's finances. Governors support the work of headteacher and senior leadership team and offer overall guidance in appropriate areas. They are volunteers who bring to the school a range of individual skills and experience. Their role is one of overseeing the work of the school. From their relatively detached perspective they can weigh up the school's strengths and weaknesses. Thus they can assist the leadership team in developing the broad aims of the school and in strategic planning for future development, as well as in reviewing progress.

The governors like to be acquainted with the work of the school and welcome opportunities to meet staff. We invite them to all major school occasions and often to social events. They are community representatives who are keen to support the school and promote its aims.

Mrs J BarkerChair
Mr D PridgeonVice-Chair
Mr G Thompson
Mrs K Hamilton
Mrs J Porter-Robinson
Mr D Pridgeon
Mr A Vincent
Parent Governors
Mrs J Barker
Mr J Chappelle
Mr S Fry
Mrs R Houltby
Mrs J Thornalley Oliver
Staff Governor
Mr M Grayson
Sid MorrisHead Boy
Orla ParrHead Girl
Clerk to Governors
Mrs A Duff

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