“We are so very grateful for the Outstanding education that Mitchell has received over the past 7 years with yourselves.“

Government & Politics


Politics exists because people disagree. They disagree about how they should live (moral questions), about who should get what (resource questions) and about who should make decisions (power questions).


Government and Politics is taught in the Humanities Room and B2. Both rooms have an interactive whiteboard and B2 has a number of computers for pupil use.


Government and Politics is an AS level course offered as an option to Y10 and Y11 pupils. They have one lesson in Y10 and three lessons in Y11 and take both exams in Y11.

The exam board used is Edexcel. The first unit studied is ‘Politics and the People’ and the second one is ‘Governing the UK’.


Government and Politics is taught through a variety of methods including debates, role-plays and group-work. Pupils have regular access to IT to help them understand the subject. One of the aims of the course is to make pupils aware of current issues and a weekly news quiz is set to help achieve this.

By the end of the course, pupils have a much better awareness of how the country is run and how they can get involved in issues. They also improve their skills in essay-writing and debating.


The Government and Politics Department is led by Miss V Wright.