“What a fantastic education they have both had; there is no better school.”

Health and Social Care


This will be the first opportunity for most students to study H&SC, and it is an excellent course for anyone considering a career that involves working in care, teaching or the medical field. It gives students a ‘good feel’ for many of the issues involved in working in such jobs and the opportunity to relate theory to real life through work placements

As with any other A level course, you will need to be able to read and summarise a wide variety of information, therefore a good level of written English is required. You will need to be able to apply this information to the set tasks and analyse its relevance. As the majority of this course is assessed via coursework, you will need to develop excellent research skills and be able to work independently, meeting the deadlines set.


The subject is only offered at A’ level and should be accessible to any student who has made the entry requirements for sixth form. Health and Social Care is an investigation into factors that affect health and well being in our society. This course covers a wide range of related issues and especially looks at biological, psychological and sociological factors that affect human growth and development from the day we are born to the day we die. You will be expected to find out about real life practice involved in our health and social care provision and will be encouraged to complete portfolio tasks by visiting relevant working environments such as schools, hospitals, social service departments wherever possible. The two exam units are called Promoting Quality Care and Human Development, and the students need to produce coursework for the following units:

  • Communication in care settings
  • Promoting good health
  • Care practice and provision
  • Research Methods – own choice of topic to research

Facilities and staff

Lessons are delivered in an ICT room, and the focus is very much on research, and producing high quality portfolio’s, both in terms of the presentation and content. Each student is issued with a core textbook for AS and A’ level, and the department is building up a very good ‘resource library’ with individual copies of textbooks. The subject is taught and led by Miss Bev Allen and also taught by Miss D Kemp.